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Market Masters is the ultimate community for traders of all levels. Our analysts provide in-depth lessons on navigating volatile markets, and our full resources give you everything you need to start making money today. With over 100 lessons and counting, Market Masters is the only community that will help you achieve success on your own time.

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Industry leading course content

No matter your experience, you can still benefit from an online trading education. Here at Market Masters, you get customized coaching based on your mastery level and goals.

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Private Discord Group

Partake in the Market Masters online trading academy education program to become a member of our community of advanced traders. If you have questions about live trading markets or live trading signals, you can always count on them to come to your aid.

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200+ Hours of Content

Our course is structured to guide a beginner/intermediate trader into becoming an advanced trader. We start with the basics and dig deeper and deeper into the fundamentals of trading. The content will get more and more advanced as you progress so take notes and re-watch.

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Step By Step Systems

Market Masters' stock trading education program builds the foundations for understanding current live trading markets, assessing live trading signals and deciphering live trading charts. At the end of the course, you will be able to better understand the technical terminologies and how stock trading works across various platforms and circumstances.

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Beginner and Expert Content

We have tons of written and video education, sessions where you can watch and listen to expert traders while they are trading live, and guidance for anyone who has questions. And if that's still too involved for you, no problem! We offer classes after normal working hours and even weekend webinars.


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"I’ve been in this discord with all you guys for about 6 weeks I think, I am excited every day and driven to learn every time that market is open."
"I'm coming up on my 1 year anniversary (give or take) and want to extend my appreciation to Market Masters for all aspects of what you offer."
"Thank you all.  Had a monster year, week and today- an amazing day!!  Thank you to everyone here. You all make this group amazing!  Here's to a great 2022!!"
"From my personal experience they are the best of the best at what they do I’ve gained 328% in my portfolio in my first week here!"
"Thank you for your selfless service to the community, mission to make everyone rich and financially independent, and for teaching me the art of trading!"
"This is the best discord by far.  I joined about a year ago, then became a lifetime member. They provide so many tools to be able to find my trades on my own."
"I just opened my webull account back in May. I have learned some much valuable experience from this server and continue everyday thanks guys"
"Before joining months ago, I had a hard time getting out before a stock would crash.  Since joining, I have not seen a red day yet."
"I just joined last week, and I never been a day trader before. I learned a lot over the last 4 days, but the great thing I see in this group is the family spirit."
"Spreading knowledge and changing peoples wealth class, you realise that change effects future generations! I been banking HARD since i joined!"
"I can tell you with in the short space of time my knowledge and gains have gone sky high. I have gone from a 9-5 job and now giving my notice to trade full time."
"I've been banking lately and it's all due to your picks and trading guidance. So I treated myself to a fully loaded Kia Telluride!"
"Fast forward 10 months I am now confident in my own trades making my own trades have become self sufficient used my profits to buy my first car
"I've had a bad year, lost confidence! Joined you guys on Friday and at least wanted to make 500 a day. So far so good, thank you!"
"I've been in this group for the longest as compared to all the other discord groups. I truly appreciate the work and the learning provided in this group."
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