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tommytwit (Premium)

@Mini_Tradez. Wanted to let you know I appreciate everything you do for us. I banked on LAIX and PPBT today hard. but didn't follow the rules and got greedy going back into LAIX big and it dropped (no stop loss and got distracted) and  ended up with a loss for the day -- ENTIRELY my fault!  But I've been banking lately and it's all due to your picks and trading guidance. So I treated myself to a fully loaded Kia Telluride !

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With all the new people I’ve met in here, it really has changed my outlook on the way I’m driven every day. My family has had a extremely rough 2020, I won’t get into details, we have been jumping from house to house with our two beautiful girls and living one day at a time. For an entire year we have been in a rut, not particularly financially but just kind of lost in direction. There was property that came up for sale, that gave us a glimmer of hope, we jumped on it! 20acres to build our home. Long story short, we are days away from moving in, I’ve been in this discord with all you guys for about 6 weeks I think, I am excited every day and driven to learn every time that market is open. It’s a sense of excitement that rushes through me and helped me find something I’m passionate about. I have become a happier person on the daily, helping me become a better father, husband, Teacher, coach. Because of all of you guys, because of mini and flooded free knowledge, because of trading. Something I’ve never done before I got in here. My goal as a trader is to build up my buying power, be more selective on what calls i am able to take on, and respect the stop losses. In the long run i want to be able to take the house payment off our regular income a month, which will be around $1500 or so, To relieve stress from our everyday lives and spend great days with our family. It may sound like I’m blowing smoke but I promise you, I’m ate up in this stuff, I appreciate all the available knowledge to learn and grow to succeed in my goal. We have taken my account from $40 to over $500. I’m on the way. Yes there are so so days, but then there are banger days. I’m doing what I love to do, and I hope one day it’ll give me and my family the freedom to do what we want. Thanks again @Mini_Tradez , @flooded . And everyone else. It’s truly changed my life

Cc (Premium)

I started trading December 2020. My original amount I started with was under 10k. My first day off pure luck I made 1k and was so hooked!! One week later I lost almost all of it but I was obsessed with market and couldn’t just quit like that.. I had bought a good amount of bitcoin when it was at 10k, so I sold some bitcoin and made a WEBULL instead of TD ameritrade. I’m finding a way regardless, once I saw the market it was OVER In January i joined @Premium & I passed 100k in February , my largest gain off one trade to date is 80k my biggest loss is 29k.


The #educational channel that @Mini_Tradez & @flooded put together is PRICELESS I promise , don’t take this discord for granted.


You can do whatever you want, don’t let that go over you’re head


Thank you for taking the time to read this. I can’t wait to hear your story on how you changed you’re life or how #market masters helped

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gillo (Premium)

A massive thank you to @flooded @Mini_Tradez and all the guys in the back ground of this server for this life changing experience. I started trading on the 28/12/20 and I can tell you with in the short space of time my knowledge and gains have gone sky high. I have gone from a 9-5 job and now giving my notice to trade full time. The educational section and the live trading floor are Gold, I’ve been to so many other servers but Market masters is home for me. I have also gone from waiting for @Mini_Tradez to now locating my own stocks and scalping them multiple times a day. I could go on and on but I will leave it with this advice.

1. Educational section

2. Live trading Chat

3. Paper trade

4. Start trading with Risk management.

Just a snippet of what I have been up in the pass 7days from this group. Keep up the great work guys from the hype man

PI-Arthur (Advanced Trader)

If you want your hand held while trading, you won't find this here. What you will find is an educational lineup that will set you on the path to success in trading whether you are new or have been trading for years. Premium option calls by some absolute snipers, along with fantastic charts for the option plays. Live trading everyday where the real knowledge is dropped by some top notch traders. The #⭐┋premium-lounge chats are far less cluttered & you will see calls daily for additional scalps/day trading. You cannot beat the camaraderie either. Plus the new #⭐┋advanced-traders alert section where you can find multiple opportunities to make money from various traders on a daily basis from swings, scalps/day trading, even option calls. I know I'm leaving much more out but plain & simple premium is worth the $20. Wouldn't have it any other way

Stildo33 (Premium)

I joined on 4/26. I spent 2 months learning and losing 5 figures on my own (chasing tweets, youtubers, and LOTS OF FOMO, etc.). Since then, I took a HUGE step back and re-evaluated my original goal which was to make 1% on $1,000/day for the next couple of years and I'd have $1,000,000+. That was the reason I even started. Then I realized I just need make $25/day. That's it. Start small. Small gains but small losses too. I've already upped that goal to $50/day. This is nothing for some and a fortune for others. I get it. On my green days, I am averaging about $150 already! HELL YEAH! I'm not doing anything crazy either...but I've learned. I've followed their lead AND I am taking profit along the way. That helps a TON! Here is the thing...I've missed some HUGE opportunities during this time. I lost on BTX! I got stopped on on PRPO at the very beginning because my stop loss was .04 too high. DANG IT! I did manage to scalp some later, but still! I've had green days on 6/7 days. The ONLY reason I was red one day was because of my own FOMO. Poor Entry point, poor exit, SUPER impatient and it wasnt something recommended (well, that day before it was and I banked on it....but I went chasing on day 2 of it). Since then, I've paid even more careful attention to what @flooded @Mini_Tradez @PI-Arthur(MMExpertsGroupLLC) @pinks333 and several others have posted when I've been on along with many others (Slim, Gravity, Pecker, etc).