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We, Market Masters, strive to help YOU unlock your money-making potential. We do not offer financial advice, but we are committed to educating our members about investing in the ever-changing stock/crypto markets.

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@Mini_Tradez. Wanted to let you know I appreciate everything you do for us. I banked on LAIX and PPBT today hard. but didn't follow the rules and got greedy going back into LAIX big and it dropped (no stop loss and got distracted) and  ended up with a loss for the day -- ENTIRELY my fault!  But I've been banking lately and it's all due to your picks and trading guidance. So I treated myself to a fully loaded Kia Telluride !

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About Us

Market Masters is a community where you can learn about the world of the market. Our trading team consists of Mini_Tradez, Flooded, and the Advanced Traders.

Mini_Tradez is easily considered the best at what he does. His strategy consists of scalping stocks and crypto while occasionally swinging them. Flooded is the swing elite. His strategy includes day trading and swings that are more based on longer-term than scalps.

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