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November 17, 2023

Unleashing the Power of Finviz Screener: A Comprehensive Guide

The realm of stock market investing can often seem like a chaotic universe, where information flows at breakneck speed and decoding the financial data often feels like an uphill battle. However, wouldn't it be remarkable if you had a tool that could streamline this information, providing you with the knowledge necessary to make well-informed investment decisions? Enter Finviz, a powerful yet user-friendly stock screener, that brings the world of investing right at your fingertips. This comprehensive guide will delve deep into the features and applications of Finviz, illuminating how to harness its full potential to boost your investing prowess. Now, let's embark on this journey to demystify the dynamic world of stock market investing with Finviz. From real-time and extended hours data to news feeds and market maps, Finviz equips you with robust tools to navigate the stock market maze efficiently. Whether you're a penny stock investor looking for small companies based on market cap, or a seasoned trader searching for advanced correlations, Finviz has the versatility to cater to all your investing needs. Along the way, we will also discuss how Finviz eases stock filtering, portfolio tracking, and provides invaluable insights into EPS growth and technical and fundamental filters. Brace yourself for an enlightening expedition into the various aspects of Finviz. By the end of this guide, you'll have a full understanding of how Finviz not only simplifies the investing process but also empowers you with insightful information, making your stock trading journey smoother and more profitable. So, let's dive in and unlock the power of Finviz together.

Features of Finviz Screener

If you haven't heard of the Finviz Screener, it's time to take heed. This advanced tool is making real changes for traders and investors, providing a range of features to analyze the stock market effectively. That's not all; an Elite subscription gets you exclusive access to several add-ons like real-time and extended hour's data, advanced charts, backtests, and more. Let's dive deeper and explore these features.

Real-time and Extended Hours Data

As a market enthusiast, the prospect of real-time and extended hours data must be music in your ears! This fantastic feature delivers current market information, helping you make informed trading decisions swiftly. It unifies all the information in one place: the Finviz Screener.

Advanced Charts

Next up, the advanced charts. These aren't your run-of-the-mill graphs but intricate plotting tools that let you visualize data with great detail and precision. You can absorb complex financial data intuitively, analyze trends, and identify opportunities. Truly, the Finviz Screener earns its spot as your definitive Go-To Tool for Stock Market analysis!


To predict the future, sometimes you need to look at the past. The backtests feature does just that. It's like having your personal financial time machine, allowing you to see how specific stocks or markets have performed over time. With this data, you can plot your future trading strategy effectively.


The Finviz Screener takes things up a notch with its correlations feature. It's all about relationships here, showing how individual stocks correlate with others. This will help you understand how a shift in one stock might impact others in your investment portfolio.

Advanced Screener

This advanced screener is the secret sauce to the Finviz Screener's success. It intelligently filters stocks based on several criteria, helping you pinpoint potential investment opportunities within seconds. Its user-friendly design makes it a breeze even for beginners.


Keeping up with the stock market can be a daunting task. That's where the alerts feature comes in handy. The Finviz Screener will notify you about specific market movements, helping you stay on top of your game without having to constantly monitor everything.


The latest addition to the Finviz family is the Watchlist feature. It allows you to monitor potential investments within your portfolio. Consider it your personal investment tracker. With this, you can stay updated and act swiftly whenever opportunities arise.

In essence, the Finviz Screener provides a comprehensive trading and investing toolbox. You get a broad overview of the market and detailed insights into specific stocks, making it a must-have for anyone serious about their financial journey.

Stock Filtering on Finviz


Investors and traders worldwide use Finviz, the Financial Visualizations tool, to analyze and find promising stocks in the market quickly. How can they do that, you ask? It's an art that can be mastered with the help of stock filtering on Finviz! The platform offers an assortment of features, such as EPS growth filtering, technical and fundamental filters, stock fundamentals, heatmaps, and portfolio tracking. Coming up, we'll dissect each of these elements to provide you with a solid grounding on how to optimize your stock-filtering endeavors on Finviz.

EPS Growth Filtering

Earnings per share (EPS) is an important factor that savvy investors should consider. So, let's dive right into EPS growth filtering. Users have the ability to filter stocks based on EPS growth for this year, next year, over the past five years, and over the next five years. How insightful is that! Following this feature will invite advantageous opportunities your way by helping identify companies projected to scale up in terms of profitability.

Technical and Fundamental Filters

But what if you're interested in more than just EPS growth? You're in luck! The Finviz stock screener also offers an array of technical and fundamental filters. These filters allow you to gauge the price performance patterns, financial health, and intrinsic value of a company. Applying this filter can be that golden key to unlocking an investment prospect you might have overlooked.

Stock Fundamentals

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, getting a sense of a company's fundamentals is critical. The stock fundamentals feature on Finviz provides crucial information such as P/E ratio, dividend yield, and market capitalization at a glance. Familiarizing yourself with these metrics can steer you towards making more educated investment decisions.


Don't let its name fool you, because Finviz's heatmap has nothing to do with temperature! It refers to a graphical representation of the performance of various sectors and industries. Color gradients indicate gains and losses, allowing a quick pulse check on where the market stands.

Portfolio Tracking

Finally, to help you keep track of your chosen stocks, Finviz’s Portfolio Tracking feature is an ideal partner. It enables the monitoring of your selection in one consolidated place - an absolute boon for investors who like to keep their investments organized.


To put it all together, the process of stock filtering using Finviz goes beyond just a search engine for stocks. It’s a comprehensive tool built with diverse features, each with its own advantages and benefits. To enhance your market mastery, incorporate these features into your investment process. Happy investing!

Note: All these features and more are thoroughly explored in our comprehensive guide on Mastering Stock Filtering. Do check it out to amplify your stock filtering skills with Finviz.

Remember, the end goal of investing is not just about making money but also about understanding how you made that money. After all, that’s when the art of investing truly becomes your own.

News and Market Information

Staying abreast of the ever-changing market is key to successful investing. An informed investor can make strategic decisions based on timely news and market insights. In this regard, two vital resources deserve your attention: News Feeds and Market Maps.


Newsfeeds are a valuable source of real-time information for investors. In this rapid-paced world, immediate access to breaking news is a major advantage. Finviz, one of the respected sources for financial data, brings to your fingertips the latest updates from some of the most reliable sources in the business world:

  • Bloomberg: Globally recognized for delivering quick, accurate updates. Traders rely on its news to stay updated in real-time.
  • Market Watch: Famed for its comprehensive coverage of stock market news.
  • Reuters: An international news agency admired for its market-moving exclusives.

These resources provide accurate and up-to-date news headlines, keeping you informed about movements in the market, company announcements, and economic trends. The power of information is at your disposal, making you a competitive player in the field of investing.

Market Maps

Yes, the news is valuable. But what if you could visualize the data? Welcome to Market Maps. These tools offer a graphical representation of price changes of stocks per sector and industry. With such a display, investors can get a holistic view of market trends at a mere glance.

Market maps aid in the following ways:

  • They allow for a concise overview of the market, conveying a stock's performance in comparison to its peers.
  • They highlight areas within specific industries that are outperforming or underperforming.
  • They serve as an effective tool for spotting trends and patterns in the market, offering potential investment opportunities.

Embracing news feeds and market maps into your routine can vastly enhance your understanding of the market trends, empowering you to make insightful and confident decisions about your investments.

Remember, knowledge is power and these tools deliver that right onto your screen. So, stay informed and invest wisely.

Utilizing Finviz for Penny Stock Investing

The penny stock market can be a little tough to navigate. But what if there was a way to simplify the stock selection process by focusing on the factors that matter the most? This is where Finviz comes into play. It's not just any platform; it's a haven for penny stock traders, shedding light on the hidden potentials of the stock market with compact yet robust analytical tools. That's why we often speak volumes about the Power of FinViz for Penny Stock. So, let's delve a little deeper into how you can leverage Finviz for optimal penny stock investing.

Small Companies Based on Market Cap

One of the Finviz platform's essential features that penny stock investors find valuable is its ability to filter small companies based on market cap. Here's how it works:

  • Finviz's stock screener divides markets into segments based on company size—mega, large, mid, small, and micro.
  • By selecting the "small" and "micro" filters, you can easily find companies better suited for penny stock investing.

This market cap-based screening helps you discover undervalued companies with significant growth potential, enhancing your investment decision-making process.

Customizable Screener

Here's the icing on the cake - Finviz's screener isn't set in stone; it's customizable. As a user, you're privy to over 60 different criteria that you can manipulate to find the stocks that align with your investing style and objectives. Here's a peek into this feature's versatility:

  • You can screen based on sector, industry, country, or volume.
  • There are financial filters such as dividend yield, current ratio, and sales growth.
  • Investors can also explore stocks based on technical analysis factors such as RSI levels, candlestick patterns, and moving averages.

Investing in penny stocks requires a meticulous and strategic approach. Finviz, with its comprehensive market-cap based screening and customizable filters, empowers you to continue investing intelligently. With these tools, you'll unlock the potential to discover investment-worthy penny stocks seamlessly.

Remember, even though Finviz is a powerful tool, it doesn't replace the need for meticulous research and risk management. Instead, it complements these facets of successful investing, making your stock selection process more precise and rewarding.


Arming yourself with the right tools, like the Finviz Screener, can significantly increase your chances of trading success. However, it's important to remember that data analysis is only one piece of the trading puzzle. Continuous learning, persistence, and strategic thinking are equally critical in this ever-changing and unpredictable landscape.

Be it understanding the basics of trading, getting a grip on advanced stock filtering, or mastering the art of using a variety of strategic research tools, Market Masters provides comprehensive resources to support your trading education. With step-by-step courses, personal aid from trading experts, and a community of like-minded individuals to inspire and motivate, you are never alone on your journey to financial freedom.

As you continue to grow as a trader, remember that every tool, every insight, every win, and every lesson learned brings you one step closer to your financial goals. To begin or to enrich your trading journey, don't hesitate to explore the educational resources at Market Masters. This platform is designed to help you cut through the noise and grasp what truly matters in the diverse world of stock trading. After all, mastering the market entails not just understanding a range of helpful tools like the Finviz Screener, but also perpetually learning, adapting, and above all, persevering.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Finviz Screener and how does it work?

    Finviz Screener is a powerful stock market research tool that allows users to filter and screen stocks based on various criteria, such as market cap, sector, price, and technical indicators. It works by analyzing a vast amount of financial data and presenting the results in an easy-to-use and customizable interface.

  2. Is Finviz Screener free to use?

    Finviz Screener offers both free and premium versions. The free version provides access to basic screening and filtering features, while the premium version offers more advanced functionalities and additional data sets.

  3. How can Finviz Screener help in stock market research?

    Finviz Screener can be incredibly useful for stock market research as it allows users to quickly identify potential investment opportunities. It enables users to screen for stocks that meet specific criteria, analyze charts and technical indicators, track market trends, and stay informed about news and market updates.

  4. What are some key features of Finviz Screener?

    Some key features of Finviz Screener include sector performance analysis, insider trading information, real-time news alerts, advanced charting tools, backtesting capabilities, customizable watchlists, and correlation analysis.

  5. Can I use Finviz Screener for other financial markets besides stocks?

    While Finviz Screener primarily focuses on stocks, it also provides screening tools and information for other financial markets such as futures, forex, and cryptocurrencies. This makes it a versatile tool for traders and investors interested in various asset classes.