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November 15, 2023

Stepping Up Your Trading Game with FinViz: A Comprehensive Review

In the high-intensity world of trading, having the right tools can make all the difference between a smart investment and a costly mistake. Enter FinViz, a comprehensive financial research platform that offers a wealth of insights to novice traders and seasoned pros alike. It coalesces all crucial market data, leading resources, and innovative features designed specifically to steepen your trading curve and strengthen your decision-making process.

Upon the surface, FinViz may appear to be just another trading platform – something our digital landscape isn't short of. But peel back its layers, and you’ll discover a hub of comprehensive financial data, real-time information, in-depth analysis, and visually striking financial maps. Considered as a staple tool by many investment enthusiasts and professionals, FinViz presents an oasis of relevant and actionable trading information.

With a broad arsenal of features – ranging from an extensive stock screener, insightful financial visualizations, to being a hub for real-time market news – FinViz wields the power to turn complex data and market trends into easily digestible, comprehensible chunks. It's not about just presenting numbers; it's about delivering insights that aid in carving out successful trading strategies.

By the end of this comprehensive review, you’ll understand why FinViz is a crowd-favorite among traders and how this platform can serve to enhance your trading vigour. So, brace yourself for an in-depth journey toable leveraging the power of FinViz for a better trading and investment experience.

Statistical Data on Stock Market

With today's fast-paced world, understanding the stock market can seem like a daunting task. However, equipped with the right data and facts, one can decode the trends and make informed decisions. In this section, we delve into some insightful statistics on stock market performance.

Stock Advancement and Decline

One of the most critical indicators of stock market health is the number of stocks advancing versus declining. As of now, 84.0% of stocks are making strides towards advancement, leaving behind a mere 12.6% in decline. This shows a dominantly positive trend in the market, indicating optimistic investor sentiments and robust corporate growth prospects.

New Highs and Lows

The numbers are equally encouraging when we look at the percentage of stocks reaching new highs versus new lows. Currently, an impressive 72.7% of stocks have raced to their record levels, eclipsing the 27.3% languishing at record lows. This indicates that more companies are performing well financially, which results in an upward push for stock prices.

Stocks Above and Below Previous Price

Consistently surpassing previous prices signals a bullish market, and the statistics are heavily in favor. Almost two-thirds of stocks, 63.5%, to be precise, are trading above their previous closing prices. On the contrary, only 36.5% are trading below their prior price, suggesting that most stocks are on an upward trajectory.

Market Cap

A company's market capitalization or market cap provides a clear insight into its size and value in the market. The combined market cap of stocks listed on US stock exchanges currently stands at a mammoth 118.22M, reflecting the staggering value and growth potential of these companies.

EPS (ttm) and P/E Ratio

Finally, let's breakdown two key financial ratios that investors closely monitor: The Earnings Per Share (EPS) over the trailing twelve months (ttm) and the Price to Earnings (P/E) ratio.

The EPS (ttm) is a healthy 0.16, indicating that companies are reporting strong profits. Additionally, the P/E ratio stands at 74.02. This ratio shows how much investors are willing to pay per dollar of earnings, and a high P/E ratio suggests that investors are expecting high future growth.

Each of these metrics gives us a unique perspective on market health and trends. While the numbers provide an informative snapshot, remember that stock market dynamics are constantly changing. Stay informed, keep an eye on the trends, and always make data-informed investment decisions.

Features and Tools Offered by FinViz

When it comes to investing in the stock market, information is key. Traders and investors often rely on tools that provide real-time quotes, intricate charts, and advanced analytics to guide their decisions. One such tool that has garnered immense popularity over the years is FinViz. Offering a plethora of features and tools, FinViz becomes an indispensable companion for both experienced and novice traders alike.

Real-time Quotes and Charts

In the dynamic landscape of stock markets, timing is everything. Ever-changing and evolving, markets present a constant need for up-to-date information. FinViz addresses this need by providing real-time quotes. This feature empowers traders with the most current financial figures, helping them make informed decisions in real-time.

In addition to this, FinViz offers intraday charts and advanced charting tools. These drive understanding of market trends, insights into potential opportunities, and provide a holistic view of the market’s behavior. By leveraging these tools, traders gain a valuable edge in their investment strategies.

Stock Screener

Another feature of FinViz that has been beneficial to investors is the stock screener. This tool allows users to filter stocks based on their specific criteria. Whether you're seeking to invest in high-growth companies or dividend-yielding stocks, the FinViz screener lets you make quick yet extensive searches, offering a comprehensive list of stocks that meet your specified parameters.

Financial Visualizations and Analysis Tools

Analyzing financial data can be an arduous task. However, with FinViz's financial visualizations and analysis tools, gaining insights from complex financial data has never been easier. The platform deploys visual representations of financial metrics, paving the way for intuitive understanding and interpretation of financial data.

This simplification of complex data enables traders to make well-informed decisions faster. It is especially valuable when dealing with a vast array of financial metrics where conventional data analysis methods may be inadequate or time-consuming.

For those interested in indulging with more advanced features, our Finviz Scanner Presets page provides a comprehensive guide on optimizing the usage of FinViz's tools based on individual trading styles and strategies.

In sum, FinViz offers traders a suite of features aimed at enhancing their trading efficacy. The combination of real-time quotes, comprehensive charting tools, a powerful stock screener, and intuitive financial visualizations can provide traders with an unprecedented level of control and insight over their stock market strategies.

Categorization and Filtering Options

Undeniably, investing in the stock market requires not just intuition, but also a thorough understanding of different business sectors and industries. It's an intricate web of opportunities where every thread can lead to potential profits. However, efficiently navigating this labyrinth is challenging without the right tools. One tool that stands out for its robust categorization capabilities is the FinViz interface, which conveniently classifies stocks into sectors and industries.

Stock Categories by Sectors and Industries

The journey of discovering promising stocks can, if not handled correctly, quickly turn into a muddle of figures and charts. To avoid this chaos, FinViz offers the nifty feature of sectoral and industrial categorization. By using this functionality, investors can sieve through the massive array of options and focus on particular sectors or industries that align with their investment strategies.

Here are some integral facets of the FinViz categorization feature:

  • Sectoral categorization: This aspect enables investors to sort stocks based on wide-ranging sectors like technology, healthcare, financials, and more. With a clear delineation based on sectoral trends and financial performances, investors can quickly identify potential investment opportunities.
  • Industrial categorization: Diving deeper in granularity, the feature also lets users express their preferences for stocks within specific industries. This option aids in making informed decisions by focusing on micro-trends within an industry.
  • Custom filter designing: FinViz not only permits default categorization, but also extends the possibility of crafting customized filters based on specific investor biases or inclinations.

In a nutshell, as you further your stock market journey, understanding the tricks of the trade becomes imperative. Among these, one of the most critical tasks is to separate the wheat from the chaff without wasting precious time. That's precisely where FinViz and its intuitive categorization and filtering options come in handy. To learn more about other fantastic features offered by FinViz, check out our exclusive Finviz Presets guide.

FinViz Elite: Premium Features

How many times have traders used investment tools that only provide bog-standard features? Isn't it time to upgrade to something that offers a little more? This dilemma and the thirst for premium features make FinViz Elite stand distinct from the crowd. With a broad range of bespoke features such as real-time data, pre-market session access, advanced charting tools, and so much more, FinViz Elite takes stock market analysis to a whole new level. In this section, we'll dive deeper into the crème de la crème of these premium features.

Real-time Data and Market News

Traders thrive on real-time data and breaking market news, and that's exactly what FinViz Elite provides. This feature allows users to stay updated with dynamic market changes and capitalize on opportunities as soon as they appear. If you're in the game to make it big, analyses of the pre-market session can provide you with a head start into what to expect in the day's trading session.

Advanced Charting Tools

A picture is worth a thousand words, so imagine a tool that can provide thousands of pictures to represent your market data. FinViz Elite's advanced charting tools can simply turn complex market data into readily understandable graphical representations. This can save traders a lot of time making sense of the raw numerical information and instead allow them to focus on identifying patterns, trends, and making sound investment decisions.

Insider Trading Information

Rumors no longer need to be your source of insider trading information. FinViz Elite provides its users with trustworthy information about insider trading activities. This insight can give traders an edge by revealing what industry insiders might be up to, helping to unearth undervalued stocks before they become the talk of the town.

Among other things, FinViz Elite also includes features like backtesting, correlations, and alerts for active traders. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned trader looking for that boost in your trading journey, FinViz Elite has got you covered. Users say goodbye to daunting interfaces and inaccurate data; embrace accuracy, ease of use, and numerous fascinating features with FinViz Elite. It's time to trade like a pro!

Essential Features for Investors

Navigating the intriguing world of investment can feel like an uncharted expedition, especially for beginners. Apart from learning about the various market sectors, indices, and currency pairs, it's crucial to understand the essential tools that can make your investment journey a success. These range from portfolio management systems, technical and fundamental analysis tools to highly efficient stock screeners. Thus, this section seeks to shed light on these key features.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management lies at the heart of successful investing. In essence, it involves managing an individual's investments in the form of stocks, bonds, cash, mutual funds, and many more, aligned with his/her financial objectives. Here are the core benefits of efficient portfolio management:

  • It helps in maintaining an ideal diversification to reduce risks.
  • It assists in tracking the performance of investments, triggering necessary changes.
  • It promotes disciplined investing, avoiding impulsive investment decisions.

Having a robust portfolio management system like the one provided by Techniques for Trading Education platform can significantly enhance your investment game.

Technical and Fundamental Analysis

Both technical and fundamental analysis play vital roles in investment decisions. The former involves examining past market data, primarily price and volume, to predict future market trends. On the other hand, fundamental analysis focuses on the evaluation of a company's financial statements, industry position, and market conditions.

When it comes to investment strategies, one can never underestimate the value of:

  • Studying past market trends (Technical Analysis)
  • Evaluating company's financial health (Fundamental Analysis)
  • Predicting future market movements.

Incorporating both analytical methods ensures a more rounded approach to investing.

Stock Screener

A stock screener is another indispensable tool in an investor's arsenal. It allows investors to sift through thousands of stocks and focus on those that meet specific criteria. For instance, you may want to screen for stocks within a certain price range, companies with a specific market capitalization, or those that are showing a specific trend.

Primarily, stock screeners can streamline your investment process by:

  • Enabling quick identification of investment opportunities.
  • Providing a simplified view of complex market data.
  • Offering flexibility to set and adjust screening criteria based on your investment strategy.

Investing is an art that requires the aid of various tools and resources to master. With a firm grasp of portfolio management, a sound understanding of technical and fundamental analysis, and the strategic use of a stock screener, you can navigate the investment landscape with much more confidence and precision. All that's left is to embrace these potent tools and embark on your rewarding investment journey.

Integration, APIs, and Developer Features

Integration of Fundamental and Technical Analysis

In the dynamic realm of investing, a fusion of accurate, relevant information and powerful analytical tools is crucial for smart decision-making. FinViz impeccably embraces this necessity by providing an impressive integration of fundamental and technical analysis. This integrated platform gives users a rich and well-rounded perspective, illuminating the potential strengths and weaknesses of different investments.

Indeed, this integration empowers users to seamlessly toggle between diverse analytical lenses. On one hand, the fundamental analysis aspects allow investors to meticulously dissect the health of a particular company, considering factors like earnings per share, debt levels, and return on equity. On the other hand, the technical analysis features give investors the ability to track price movements and pattern formations, which can inform trading strategies and timing decisions.

This dual lens gives investors an edge by equipping them with the means to comprehensively assess investments, not just based on the company's stats, but also the market's perception of them.

Insider Trading Tracking and APIs

Extending beyond just traditional analytics, FinViz also offers unique features, like tracking insider trading activities. No, this isn't a cloak and dagger affair. It simply provides an exhaustive record of transactions executed by company insiders, which can reveal insights about potential market movements. For instance, if a CEO starts unloading a significant portion of his/her shares, it could indicate decreased confidence in the company's performance, which may influence your own investment decisions.

Furthermore, developers have access to a plethora of features to support their need for integrating market insights into applications via FinViz's APIs. These APIs are a powerful tool for retrieving stock data, allowing developers to directly incorporate reliable, real-time market analyses into their apps or services.

What this ultimately translates to is an enriched investing journey through FinViz. By integrating fundamental and technical analyses with insider trading tracking and developer-focused tools, investors are equipped with a well-rounded, informative, and sophisticated suite of tools to execute profitable investment strategies.


Tapping into the wealth of information and visualization tools that FinViz brings to the table can be an absolute game-changer for both amateur and seasoned traders. However, what remains vital is the ability to put these insights into context and implement them into a winning trading strategy. Understanding what the numbers actually mean and predicting how they might change shortly is the key to unlocking your trading potential.

Whether your interests lie in stock advancement, decline, market lows or highs, or other pivotal indicators of a good trading decision, FinViz could be your ultimate tool. Yet, remember that tools and platforms are just that – tools. They can enhance your investment decision, but they cannot replace the fundamental knowledge or comprehension of what drives these changes.

That's where a platform like Market Masters plays a sterling role. With expert insights and a supportive community, novice traders can navigate the labyrinth of the trading world more confidently and experienced players can fine-tune their strategies to align with market sentiments.

Trading is an art, but it is also a science. It blends intuition and analytics, making it exciting but also complex. And in that journey, tools like FinViz become invaluable. Yet, when complimented with a solid foundation of trading education and a supportive community like at Market Masters, it truly fosters an environment for trading success. Here's to your journey spearheading towards financial freedom with the right knowledge, tools, and community support.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is FinViz and how does it help in trading?

    FinViz is a powerful stock market research platform that helps traders analyze stocks, screen for potential trades, and make informed investment decisions. It provides a wide range of tools, charts, and data that assist traders in spotting market trends, identifying stock patterns, and performing technical and fundamental analysis.

  2. Is FinViz suitable for beginners?

    Yes, FinViz can be used by beginners as well as experienced traders. It offers a user-friendly interface and provides a wealth of information and tools that can help beginners understand the stock market, track stocks, and analyze market trends. However, beginners may need some time to familiarize themselves with the platform and its features.

  3. Does FinViz offer real-time market data?

    FinViz offers both real-time and delayed market data depending on the subscription plan chosen. The free version of FinViz provides delayed quotes, while the paid subscription plans offer real-time data updates. Real-time data is essential for active traders who require up-to-the-minute information for their trading strategies.

  4. What are the key features of FinViz?

    Some key features of FinViz include stock screener, heatmaps, technical analysis tools, portfolio tracking, news section, insider trading insights, and correlation analysis. These features enable traders to filter stocks based on various criteria, visualize market trends, analyze charts, and stay updated with relevant news and events affecting the market.

  5. Are there any alternatives to FinViz?

    Yes, there are alternatives to FinViz such as TradingView, Yahoo Finance, and Stock Rover. These platforms also offer various tools and features for stock market analysis and trading. It's a good idea to explore different options and find the platform that best suits your trading style and requirements.