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Get to know us

Market Masters is a community where you can learn about the world of the market. Our trading team consists of Mini_Tradez, Flooded, and the Advanced Traders.

Mini_Tradez is easily considered the best at what he does. His strategy consists of scalping stocks and crypto while occasionally swinging them. Flooded is the swing elite. His strategy includes day trading and swings that are more based on longer-term than scalps.

Advanced Traders are specialists that are carefully chosen by flooded himself, which means that they are not average traders as some have been trading for more than a decade!


We strive to provide everyone the opportunity to learn the stock and crypto market for free. We’ve compiled educational material from around the internet so it’s accessible in one place and made some of our own. All to teach YOU to ignore the hype and instead develop your own trading plan that improves your chances of success in the stock market.

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