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What is Premium?

Premium offers meaningful discussions amongst its members and provides you with great insight and education that will strengthen your trading skills. Premium is primarily run by @flooded (a swing trader) and assisted by @Advanced Traders (skilled traders). ​

Alerts provided by Flooded to Premium members will mostly be swing trades. However, many Premium members also spend their time trading based on momentum like @Mini_Tradez. So, you will find a variety of both day and swing trades in here. 


With that said, @Mini_Tradez will be giving exclusive alerts to Premium members in Real-time through a voice call. This means that if you enjoy swing or day trading, then this is the perfect place for you. Premium provides its members a diversity of content ranging from an amazing educational section and weekly watchlists to alerts, including but not limited to: crypto, options, swings, and day trades.


⭐️┋advanced-traders: This is a channel for our Educated and Advanced traders to post their ideas

⭐️┋premium-plays: This channel contains all of the premium plays

⭐️┋options-watchlist: This is where Yaseen will post his charts and his triggers

⭐️┋1-10k: This is a premium exclusive challenge that flooded is doing

⭐️┋equity-watchlist: Watchlist from @flooded exclusive for premium


⭐️┋premium-education: Educational material for premium

⭐️┋dd: Due Diligence on alerts posted in


⭐️┋mm-butler: Exclusive premium bot made just for Market Masters to get updates on your stocks

⭐️┋plays-recap: Channel for past plays and how they performed


┋mini-scalps: This is where Mini will post his calls during market hours, best to be active and here on the server.

┋flooded-swings: Sometimes Flooded will peek over here and give a swing call to traders, this is where he will post it

┋mm-education: We have a ton of channels for educations so it's best to head over there and check it out. All of it for free and to help you out!!

┋live-trading (voice): A voice channel where Mini & Flooded will give out live alerts to members and discuss tickers with them.

┋trading-floor: Main trading channel for all things happening

┋options-floor: Options calls/puts ideas with members


┋crypto-floor: For all your bitcoin and cryptocurrency discussion